Houston KBR Planning

Location: Houston KBR Site, Texas, USA
Program: Residential

above, rendering

Houston KBR Site is a 136-acre former industrial property in Houston Fifth Ward. Though currently desserted, it is believed to be “a site with immense potential” by Houston government and business buyers. The KBR site is by the Houston Bayou and east to the downtown area. Major highways connect KBR site to further areas.

Prototype Studies
above, concept diagram

The proposal is to revitalize the former Houston KBR Site to a high-dense, high-quality residential area incorporating retail districts with shops, restaurants and grocery stores. A renovation along the Bayou is also included to provide ourtdoor recreational amenities and park spaces for the residents.

above, ground level plan

The ground level is mostly open and there are primarily public programs on the ground level, such as gym, fitness, shops and grocery stores. Building modules are placed within the orthogonal grid. Outdoor parks, pools and courtyard plazas reinforce the connections among dwelling modules and make a unified community on site.

above, site plan diagram
above, second level plan and module section

One mega structure is a community. The dwelling module accomodates units including lofts, one-bedroom units and two-bedroom units to provide options for residents. These units are primarily designed in terms of efficient and economic requirements. There are open public garden spaces on the second level to compensate for the unit areas and encourage outdoor exercise and hangout.

Each dwelling module is accompanied by its inverted pieces with house supporting programs including gym, entertainment, shops and grocery stores. Landscapes and pavings imply the connection between the pieces and the dwelling module.

above, courtyard diagram

Facades make enclosure and define spaces. Four kinds of public spaces are specified in this project: a garden terrace on the second floor of the dwelling module, an outdoor pool, an outdoor park and a courtyard plaza.

Wood is the primary material used in this project for both the structure and the facade. Wood louver patterns create a harmonious exterior wall system, provide shading for the interior and define outdoor spaces. The use of wood as the main material not only saves the budget but also helps carbon storage and urban sequestration.